MP attends YMCA “Opportunity for Change” Apprenticeship Roadshow

MP Joins Panel to Promote Apprenticeships Across the Region

Yesterday afternoon James Cartlidge MP attended an Apprenticeship Reforms Roadshow, organised by the YMCA, in Pinewood. Mr Cartlidge joined an expert panel who explored the new world of apprenticeships, including its opportunities and challenges. The purpose of the meeting was to help businesses, providers and others understand the opportunities and challenges which face those involved with apprenticeship schemes.

Mr Cartlidge said:
“I am passionate about ensuring that young people are able to access great employment opportunities in South Suffolk, and I believe that apprenticeships are crucial to this task. Additionally, if we hope to reduce immigration levels after Brexit we will need to build capacity in our own labour market and apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to achieve this. By investing in upskilling their new or existing staff through training, businesses are able to pass their valuable knowledge onto a new generation whilst certifying the development with qualifications. I was very pleased to support this important event and was delighted that local businesses are on board.”

The above photo shows: (left to right): Dan Rees (Operations Director YMCA Training), James Cartlidge MP (Member of Parliament for South Suffolk), Lady Andree Deane-Barron (Group Education Director, Central YMCA), and Andrea Wood (Head of Skills, Suffolk County Council).