Manifesto 2019

In common with local authorities around the country, Babergh is facing challenges to maintain services as government financial support is dwindling rapidly. We are having to look to new sources of income as well as improving efficiencies in the ways we do things.

We are also facing challenges over how we can accommodate an increasing population and ensure that, of the homes that are being built, there will be enough that are affordable for young people on moderate incomes –both for buying and renting. We also need to be able to attract businesses that will provide the good quality and well-paid jobs that we want for our residents.

We are making some great progress: the first Conservative administration in Babergh’s history has achievedmuch in the past four years. We have taken difficult decisions to drive down costs so that we can continue to deliver effective and efficient front-line services. Indeed, many services have been improved. We have been able to do this because we have a credible strategy for financing our services.

We announced last Summer that we had regained our 5-year land supply and should now be able to implement our planning policies in full, thereby ensuring local control over where development takes place so that it is both appropriate and sustainable, protecting our rural and urban environments, whilst addressing the pressing needs of a growing population. Our new Joint Local Plan is progressing through the consultation and approval stages and will ensure we are in an even better position, with up-to-date policies for the next decade or so.

We are delivering a good number of affordable homes, including increasing Babergh’s own council housingstock.

Together with our colleagues in Mid Suffolk, we have set up an investment company to provide steady and growing income to enable us to maintain and improve services for our residents.

Together with Mid Suffolk, we have made a very successful move to Endeavour House, which has been hugely beneficial to the way we work as well as giving us considerable cost savings. Furthermore, we are nowattracting some very good new staff who wouldn’t have considered us had we still been in Hadleigh andNeedham Market.

We have had many notable achievements during the past three and a half years and these are summarised below.

Best Wishes,

John Ward
Leader of Babergh District Council


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